Tiny Town

Lancaster is one of our family’s favorite place to take our kids. There are so many family friendly places to visit and things to do. Ryan had found out about Tiny Town and it sounded like the perfect place for us to take the kids. It’s an indoor play space filled with tiny play houses outfitted with all of the props needed for hours of imaginary play.

Tiny Town

The playhouses are adorable.

I was a teeny bit leery as we parked because the outside looks very industrial and warehouse-like. The inside is completely the opposite of what you would expect. The space is a large loft with lots of natural light, modern furniture, and of course the beautiful playhouses. There is a small gated area for infants to play in, there are tables, chairs, and leather couches were you can enjoy a snack or coffee from their cafe.

The cafe side of the space.

Things We Loved

There were so many things we loved about Tiny Town. You are allowed to bring your own your own snacks as long as they are peanut free. When you first enter there is a large entryway area where you can leave coats. The bathrooms were enormous, clean and well stocked. There were complimentary wipes, lotions and women’s hygiene products. The women’s bathroom also had two diaper changing areas as well as a toddler-sized toilet.

The fully stocked coffee bar.

The Town

The town features a two story castle with slide, a library, a grocery store, a post office (where you can deliver mail to all of the other buildings), a salon, a fire house, a mechanic shop, a hospital, and a cafe. There is also a stage complete with theatrical lighting. Each play house has props, costumes and furniture to engage the kids in hours of play.

The firehouse had a long long hose you could unwind to put out lots of fires.

Tyler’s Favorite Part

We arrived shortly after they opened and Tyler literally could not wait for us to get checked in before he made a bee-line to the town. He started off in the hospital which serves stuffed animals as well as various other farm animals. There is a lot of attention to detail in each of the houses. For example, the hospital features a separate waiting area with a couch, a working light box with different x-ray films, cabinets that open to reveal stethoscopes, medicine bottles, and full sets of scrubs to dress up in.

Tiny Town
Tyler could have a future in medicine!

Tyler could have played at Tiny Town for hours. He was so content to spend long periods of time engaging in pretend play in each setting.

Hannah’s Favorite Part

Tiny Town

Hannah gave everyone in our family makeovers, including poor Tyler.

Hannah flirted around from place to place. Her favorite overall was probably the hair salon. It featured child-sized salon chairs that actually went up and down.

Lisa and Ryan’s Favorite Part

My favorite house was the library. When I asked Ryan his favorite building he also said the library. It is two stories with a bean-bag chair filled loft and is filled with books.

Tiny Town
The library was one of our favorite spots.

I was so pleased to see how thoughtfully the collection was curated. There were old favorites, but also a lot of books specifically celebrated women and people of color. Representation in children’s literature is so important, so kudos to Tiny Town for that.

Tiny Town

There were lots of books in the library that I would love to add to my own collection.

***Tiny Town Tips***

The houses look small but they are actually tall enough for an adult to stand up in. They also can fit multiple adults as well as children in several of the houses so if you want one on one contact with your child that is possible. Get there early for the best chance at parking as they share the lot with other businesses. We found after 10:30 it started getting busy. You can bring your own snacks if you like but they offer several different options if you forget. Drink options consist of Starbucks for adults to water and Juice boxes for children.

Tiny Town Several options are available if you choose to purchase.

Final Impressions

Even though we live an hour away, we will definitely be back to Tiny Town! The kids loved it. Ryan and I loved that we could sit comfortably on couches and supervise the kids while they played. The place was well organized and clean. While it did get a little bit crazy and more crowded as the day went on, I thought that was par for the course for a rainy Saturday morning.

Tiny Town
Channeling his uncle Tom as he fixes up a car outside the mechanic’s shop.

Ryan and I also like to support small local businesses and this one is a great one. The owner, Hannah, is so kind. The employees are permitted to bring their kids along to work with them which I think is such a cool policy.

Plan a Visit

Click here to go to Tiny Town’s official web page.

Pricing is as follows:

  • Free for children 12 months and under
  • $10 for children ages 13 months+
  • $8 for Adults (13+)
  • Parking is free but somewhat limited.
  • You must fill out a waiver for your children ahead of you visit but they offer a convenient way to do this via their website.
  • Hours are:

    Monday- Saturday 9am-4pm

    Sunday – Closed for private parties

Have you been Tiny Town? What were some of your favorite things you did. Do you have any tips you would like to share we did not include in this story? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on our latest adventures!

Disclaimer – Tiny Town provided us with complimentary admissions in exchange for an honest review. As always, all opinions are our own.


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