Spring Disney Store Visit

Living over 1,000 miles from the closest Disney Parks location can be depressing at times. Luckily for us the magic is only 10 mins away in the form of the Disney Outlet. While not as fancy as a typical Disney Store it serves its purpose and the kids get excited every time we visit.We do have a Disney Store about 45 mins away but we don’t travel in the direction of that store often.

The good thing about the Disney outlet is they have exclusive outlet items and are always running sales so the items are mostly inexpensive. We decided to visit our local store as the weather was nice and to see if there were any new items for spring.

2018 Destinations With Sunshine2018 Destinations With Sunshine

Disney was having its Annual Spring It On Event when we visited. We we greeted by an Outlet Exclusive table with T-shirts just in time for the spring weather. This is the advantage of the Outlet vs the normal Disney Store as they have exclusive items you can only find here and at a discounted price.

2018 Destinations With Sunshine

Marvel is bigger than ever now especially with Black Panther & the Avengers movie at the end April & Disney has plenty of merchandise to get you  in the superhero mood. They have half a section of merchandise dedicated to just Marvel. This would be a good time to get your Halloween costume for October! 

2018 Destinations With Sunshine2018 Destinations With Sunshine2018 Destinations With Sunshine

Coco was released for High Definition online streaming and digital download on February 13, 2018, and on DVDBlu-ray, and 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray on February 27, 2018. They offer a nice selection of Coco merchandise to help you celebrate Día de Muertos.

2018 Destinations With Sunshine

Hannah is really into Tangled and they had a wall dedicated to the movie which was surprising as the store is limited on real estate and its not a recent movie but nonetheless she was excited to see all they had to offer.

2018 Destinations With Sunshine

Vampirina is one of my children’s favorite shows and the newest member of the Disney Jr collection of shows. Not to be left out they have a small selection of merchandise for the little ones.

They also have a small selection for Moana. I was surprised how small the section was compared to Tangled but the swimsuits are cute and I am sure  Hannah will have something from this collection in her closet shortly.

2018 Destinations With Sunshine2018 Destinations With Sunshine

They had a few other knick knack items around the store but what caught my eye was the full size Cinderella castle and Arendale set they had in the front of the store.  My main obsession is to own the Lego Cinderella castle but at $399 this is not on my splurge bucket for the meanwhile as we are going to Disneyland in July and on a Disney Cruise in November so I will have to keep dreaming about owning that item. The Disney store castle sets are $139. Not that bad. I saw them in Orlando at World Of Disney but the thought of taking home on a plane made it just a thought. Now that they are 10 mins from our house makes it very tempting.  As to where we would fit it ….that’s a different story. Give me some time to figure it out. I’m sure I’ll come up with something 🙂2018 Destinations With Sunshine2018 Destinations With Sunshine

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