Please Touch Museum

We have memberships to the majority of the kid friendly events in the Philadelphia area. Adventure aquarium, The Please Touch Museum Franklin Institute, Philadelphia Zoo, & Sesame Place to name a few. We visited the The Please Touch Museum this past weekend as the weather is turning colder here and it’s a good escape to have the kids run around in for a few hours and let them touch things we know they can’t break.

Please Touch Museum
The main entrance sign is bright and inviting.

I met Lisa at the museum after I was done work and we started our afternoon of fun. For those not familiar with the Please Touch Museum, it is located in the Fairmont park section of Philadelphia.The museum focuses on teaching through interactive exhibits and special events, mostly aimed at children seven years old and younger. Hannah &Tyler being 1 & 4 are the perfect demographic.

Full view of the historic building

Hamilton Hall

In the main lobby there is a giant replica of the arm and torch from the Statue of Liberty created from discarded toys. The great thing about this exhibit is it has a ramp you can walk up around the torch and see the work put into creating it. You can let the kids run up unattended as it is closed in.

Please Touch Museum

Leo Sewell’s 
assemblages of recycled material are in over 40 museums and in private collections worldwide
Please Touch Museum

Sewell has produced over 4,000 works over the last 50 years
and features in the permanent collections of 23 Ripley’s Believe It or Not! museums worldwide

I asked Hannah what her favorite exhibit was and she stated the River Adventure play area. This is to the right of the statue. This area has an water play table that kids can play in while learning about the forces that affect the way water flows. 

Please Touch Museum
River Adventures is one of the first rooms you see when entering the building.

They can move  waterwheels, float boats and rubber duckies, and investigate the levers and locks that bring the water to life. 

Please Touch Museum

Pump water through pipes, tubes and passageways and see the effects it has.

They have smocks the kids can wear to stay dry and dryers for your hands.

Please Touch Museum

Switch the locks and dams to adjust flow.

Imagination Playground

Next up is Imagination Playground. This is Tyler’s favorite exhibit. It consist simply of giant blue foam blocks you can stack and construct as high as you can imagine. Definitely a time killer here. Tyler could stay here all day.

The Woodside Park Carousel

Off of the Playground is the carousel, which was built over 100 years ago.The carousel has  52 animals (40 horses, four cats, four rabbits, two pigs, and two goats) and 1,296 lights on it. This is always a must for us. As a member it cost $1 per child and parents are free. Non-members pay $3. The kids love selecting an animal and riding around in circles.

Please Touch Museum
One of Tyler’s first rides
Please Touch Museum

The Woodside Park carousel, built by the Philadelphia-based Dentzel Carousel Company in 1908, on loan from the Pennsylvania Historical and Museum Commission.

Main Exhibit

On the other side of the fist floor there is a room dedicated to the main exhibit they are presenting. At the time of our visit it was hosting  Sid the Science Kid. I didn’t visit this exhibit but Lisa said the kids really enjoyed it. Previously they had Daniel Tiger exhibit in this space and it was very well put together so I’m sure it was just as good if not better.Currently the space is held by Thomas and Friends: Explore the Rails!  Presented by Fisher Price and sponsored by 3M. This exhibit runs through Jan 6th 2019.

Rocket Room

Next to the main exhibit is The Rocket Room. It is all about space and rockets. This is one of my favorite rooms. You can assemble and launch rockets high into the air, or take the lead by exploring the Mission Control console. Lots off fun!

Please Touch Museum
The Kids love shooting the rockets! 
Please Touch Museum
This area allows you to 
Practice STEAM literacy, fine motor skills and sequencing.

 Roadside Attractions

Also on the first floor is Roadside Attractions. The kids both love this exhibit! They can climb into a real car, a SEPTA bus, or a trolley and go for a pretend ride. Stroll through City Park, grab some play ice cream and eat a picnic lunch. Plenty of imagination to spread here. Hannah loves to serve food at the play food cart!

Please Touch Museum

Step into a recreated Philadelphia neighborhood and get creative while learning about many of the things people encounter every day. 
Please Touch Museum
Too bad she can’t fill up the real car yet.
Please Touch Museum
Zoom Zoom…..
Please Touch Museum
This area allows you to 
Practice gross and fine motor skills, STEAM literacy, collaboration, decision-making and communication.


Downstairs you will find Wonderland which is full of Mazes and mirrors.  This exhibit really brings out his creative side as he enjoys playing peek a boo with himself.

Please Touch Museum

Take a trip down the rabbit hole into a world where nothing is as it seems.

Some highlights of this area include the ability to :

Navigate the hedge maze on your way to the Mad Hatter’s endless tea party.
Paint the roses red and watch as they change color before your eyes.
Find the shrinking hallway as you wind through the Hall of Mirrors.
Play a game of croquet with flamingos and hedgehogs.
Travel into the pages of classic children’s stories in Fairytale Garden Toddler Area.

Please Touch Museum

This exhibit allows you to 
Practice communication, critical thinking and gross and fine motor skills.
Please Touch Museum

They loved playing in the shrinking hallway as they made their way  through the Hall of Mirrors.

Tyler loves to look at himself in the mirrors.For the longest time he thought he was looking at another baby but he is realizing now he is looking at himself. This exhibit really brings out his creative side as he enjoys playing peek a boo with himself.

Please Touch Museum
The Mad Hatter’s endless tea party is a hit with he kids!
Please Touch Museum
This tree stub turns into a slide! 

Centennial Exploration

Also downstairs is Centennial Exploration. This is my favorite exhibit. Lisa thinks it’s boring as it’s about trains and the history of the building but they have a massive model of the 1876 Centennial Exhibition which helps you  learn about the important history of this great building.

Please Touch Museum

Memorial Hall wasn’t always the home of Please Touch Museum. This architectural masterpiece was built for the 1876 United States Centennial and World’s Fair.
Please Touch Museum
Looking at historic photos from the 
 1876 United States Centennial and World’s Fair.

Healthy Me

Finishing off the downstairs is Healthy Me. This basically is a  kid-size city, complete with a supermarket, restaurant, hospital, construction zone, and toddler area. Tyler and Hannah enjoyed pretending to be doctors, chefs, construction workers and supermarket employees as they wore costumes  and experienced a mini city built just for them. I personally think this is one of the best places for kids to spend their time in the Museum. The hospital and supermarket are elaborate and lots of fun for adults as well!

Please Touch Museum

This area allows you to 
Practice fine motor skills, health and wellness knowledge, collaboration and communication.

Healthy Me: Children’s Hospital

Please Touch Museum

This kid-size city puts kids in charge and lets them learn through role-playing and decision-making. 

The kids loved pretending to scan a doll on the x-ray &  MRI machines in the hospital.

Please Touch Museum
The X-rays are very authentic!

Hannah loved wearing the scrubs! 

Please Touch Museum
I think you will make it!

Tyler could have stayed here for hours! 

Please Touch Museum
Let’s do a quick CT scan

Healthy Me: Market + Bimbo Bakeries USA Bistro

Please Touch Museum
Let’s go shopping! 
Please Touch Museum
Tyler has a full cart
Please Touch Museum
So many choices! 
Please Touch Museum
The self checkout made sounds like in the real store. 
Please Touch Museum
Busy day in the market.
Please Touch Museum
After all that shopping time to make a tasty meal! 

Please Touch Museum Final Thoughts

We love visiting the Please Touch Museum. If you have young children we highly recommend visiting if you are in Philadelphia.

They are open Mon-Sat 9am -5pm  and Sunday 11am-5pm.

Memorial Hall

4231 Avenue of the Republic

Philadelphia, PA 19131

Have you been to The Please Touch Museum? What were some of your favorite things you did. Do you have any tips you would like to share we did not include in this story? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on our latest adventures!

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