Museum of the American Revolution

Philadelphia is one of our favorite places. Looking for new things in the city to try we ended up at the Museum of the American Revolution

Museum of the American Revolution
The museum gave the kids flags which were a total hit.

Some things we liked

One thing we loved was The Museum of the American Revolution was right up our alley. The museum is brand  new and everything inside was sparkly, beautiful  and modern. Ryan and I had never been there before and were excited to try something new.

Museum of the American Revolution
Tyler enjoyed seeing all the swords. He also thought all of the Revolutionary soldiers were pirates.

Back before the little kids were born The Museum of the American Revolution would have been exactly the kind of place Ryan and I  would spend the day leisurely strolling through exhibits. However this trip the speed version was in order.

Museum of the American Revolution
Tyler thought the statues were real.

Some things we did not like

One thing we did not like was even though The Museum of the American Revolution is somewhat child friendly, it is  really not geared towards the under seven crowd. However, our kids did learn some things and enjoyed themselves.

Museum of the American Revolution
Ryan said the smell of the rope reminded him of his training days in the Navy.

Tyler Pulls The Fire Alarm

After we had made our way  through the galleries, Ryan really wanted to see a special show featuring George Washington’s tent.  It was the last show of the day before the museum closed.  Hannah went with Ryan and I brought Tyler  down to the lobby to wait for them. The lobby was huge and spacious and Tyler was having fun running around and playing.  He was being good so I  allowed him to play further and further away from me.

Museum of the American Revolution
Here one minute causing trouble the next.

Unfortunately I was a little too trusting and as a result this mischievous little rascal ran over to the fire alarm and pulled it as I was screaming “Nooooooooooooooooo!”  It was humiliating.  A loud alarm sounded, lights flashed, and due to this  the whole museum had to be evacuated. Ryan was bewildered as he had to evacuated with Hannah from the middle of the show, only to found out it was Tyler that pulled the alarm.  Then fire trucks showed up.

Museum of the American Revolution
Tyler caused the firetrucks to come!

**Museum of the American Revolution Tips**

Check out the Gift Shop before you go. It was full of historic Philadelphia Items and a great place to kill some time . You also do not need an admission ticket to visit which is a positive unlike other museums.

Final Thoughts

First of all The Museum of the American Revolution was beautiful. Because of this Ryan and I would love to go back again. We found the  staff to be  kind and accommodating. Next time we will certainly leave the little ones behind!

Have you been to The Museum of the American Revolution? What were some of your favorite things you did. Do you have any tips you would like to share we did not include in this story? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on our latest adventures!

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