Lancaster PA Fun!

One of my goals is to pack as much fun this summer for the little kids as possible.  During the school year they spend a lot of time at daycare and then riding along as I drive Isaac to different activities.  So I wanted to plan some special things with them in mind. Last week  we headed out to see some sights in Lancaster with my mom.

 Ryan has been having some pretty severe issues and is on a medical leave from work.  It is hard because he has had some really rough days, about 12,903,983 doctor appointments and major restrictions on driving.  A silver lining is he is still always up for anything and taking the kids out in public is always so much easier when he is along, even if I have to do all the driving.  So we have done some fun things since he  has been on leave.

Lancaster PA Fun!
The Li’l Country Store & Miniature Horse Farm gives you an authentic Amish experience. 

 Lil’ Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm

 The little kids both love farms and Lancaster has many to offer.  Our first stop was the Lil’ Country Store and Miniature Horse Farm located in the town of  Ronks.  It was adorable and the kids loved it.

Lancaster PA Fun!
Petting a miniature horse

They had friendly miniature ponies that you could pet and feed. You could even ride them if you wanted.  They also had goats and alpacas. A friendly Amish boy approached us and offered  to take us on a wagon ride, so we took  him up on his offer.  It was a hit with everyone.

Lancaster PA Fun!
We took a pony ride through the farm. 
Lancaster PA Fun!
The view was amazing! 

The country store offered everything from homemade root beer and chocolate chip cookies (delicious!) to doll clothes, and hand crafted wooden toys.

Lancaster PA Fun!
The homemade chocolate chip cookies and root beer were delicious!
Lancaster PA Fun!
All the items in the gift shop were handmade.

Lapp Valley Farm

From  there we headed to Lapp Dairy Farm one of my parent’s favorite spots to take the grandkids. Lapp’s is an adorable dairy farm that sells amazing ice cream (among other things).  It is well off  the main touristy path but  there are always a good amount of people every time we go lined up to enjoy a delicious, creamy treat.

Lancaster PA Fun!
Lapp Valley Farm is a good place to stop if you visit Lancaster.
Lancaster PA Fun!
So many choices! 

They make  their own waffle cones and the amazing smell wafts out the door.  There is a large wrap around porch where you can sit and enjoy your ice cream.  Friendly barn kitties will sometimes join you on the porch.  This trip we sampled cookies and cream, butter pecan, and strawberry.

It should be noted that they don’t take credit or debit cards.  They do have an ATM on site to  get some cash.

Lancaster PA Fun!
The kids loved petting the animials.

After we finished our ice cream, we wandered around the property.  We spotted more  kitties, grown up cows, baby cows and a peacock. 

Fun in Lancaster PA!

Kettle Kitchen Village

On the way to Lapp’s we had passed Kitchen Kettle Village, a touristy shopping center in Intercourse.  I didn’t realize Ryan has never been there before, so we doubled back so Ryan could take a look around.  

Lancaster PA Fun!
Kettle Kitchen Village has lots of activities for kids.

This cow with rubber udders was a complete hit with both kids. The both practiced milking Klarabelle  every time we  passed her.  We also chuckled because front and center is an ice cream stand selling Lapp’s ice cream.  

Lancaster PA Fun!
Homemade Beef Jerky is just one of the authentic items you can purchase here.

Kitchen Kettle Village has so  many cute specialty stores, clean restrooms and even live entertainment.  Almost every store has loads of samples.  Ryan was in heaven.  He ended up buying a cooler bag and bringing home some specialty cheese and bologna.

Lancaster PA Fun!
Jam & Relish Kitchen was one of our favorite stores. 

The Jam and Relish kitchen had jams, jellies, relishes, dips, spreads, pickles, lemon curd, and syrups.  You could literally sample everything in the store.  The kitchen is open and you can watch the workers canning right in front of you.  

Lancaster PA Fun!
Who doesn’t love samples! 

Lancaster PA Fun Final Thoughts

Overall it was an amazing day playing tourist in Lancaster.  We definitely recommend everything we did if you are heading there for a trip soon.

Have you been to Lancaster Pa? What were some of your favorite things you did. Do you have any tips you would like to share we did not include in this story? We would love to hear from you! Let us know in the comments below and make sure you subscribe to our blog to keep up to date on our latest adventures!

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