Disney Store and Family Updates

It has been a busy summer. Here is a quick  Disney Store and Family Update.

\We ended up at the outlets the other night and we can never going to the outlets without stopping at the Disney Store.  Hannah just runs around gleefully from item to item.

Disney Store and Family Updates
We love the Disney Store!

Disney Store

Disney Store and Family Updates
Which one should we choose?

Ryan let her get a new night gown since they were having a huge sale. Hannah only wants  to wear dresses and skirts during the day and she prefers nightgowns at  night.

Disney Store and Family Updates
The kids really wanted this Jack-Jack Doll.
Disney Store and Family Updates
So cute! 

She also loved all the Incredibles merchandise there.  These were some of our favorites.

Disney Store and Family Updates
Disney Store and Family Updates

Family Update

Disney Store and Family Updates
Ruby Tuesday

Afterwords Ryan even persuaded me to eat at a restaurant with the children.  They were (mostly) well behaved. 

Disney Store and Family Updates
Our Winner!

Of course she had to wear her new Elena nightgown pajamas right away.

Disney Store and Family Updates
Ice Cream Break!

In other news, I am finally done school for the summer.  This year at school was a pretty good one compared to other recent years.  I have been trying to keep our days scheduled but not overscheduled. 

 I have made it to yoga a few times.  Hannah and I made a trip out for free ice cream cones (happy birthday Zwahlen’s!). Isaac and I went to the movies and saw The Avengers.  Ryan and Hannah saw a double feature of The Incredibles 1 and 2.  We have some play dates lined up.  We hit up the library one morning and stayed for almost two hours.

Disney Store and Family Updates
Fun at the library

One quick update on Tyler’s eczema since people ask on occasion and so many of you have offered advice. His skin is almost totally clear! Even patches on his back that have been terrible for months have finally healed over. We are seeing a wonderful dermatologist who started him on a “soak and smear” protocol. Every day for a week we give him a 20 minute bath with an Aveeno oatmeal packet in it. Then we take him out and barely towel him off before covering him from head to toe in a thick ointment. Now we are tapering the protocol off to twice a week. Tyler is much happier and is no longer scratching himself until he bleeds. We are so grateful!

Final Thoughts

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